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I, Ken Conklin, am accepting responsibility to edit pages 400 through 499, and will try to complete those pages by the end of December 2005.

I am processing only the straight text contents; but am leaving for Jere the task of formatting the charts and tables on the pages where they occur. I'll keep a list of pages which need Jere's attention.

This temporary announcement is for the purpose of avoiding duplication of work. I'll be doing most of the work "off-line" and therefore you might not know I have completed some pages until I actually go back on-line to post the edited pages.

Ken, sorry if I end up blowing away any of your edits...I'm cleaning up behind you, so it shouldn't make too much of a difference, but my apologies in advance if I step on your toes at all.

Please check this page out to let me know what you think about integrating section markup to the document: Transcribed Pages With Section Markup

--Jere Krischel 01:17, 17 December 2005 (PST)