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Ken to Jere 12/25/05 mid-day: All pages 360-499 are now completely edited, except for the following still needing work:

page 440: I still see three question marks ? ? ? in two places. Check the scanned page to see what they should be. I'm guessing we should make them elipses? ...

page 441: near top: Should be only 1 comma after U.S. A. I looked at the edit page but did not see any comments and decided not to mess with the commands after the A. in U.S.A.

[By Capt. C. E. Dutton, Ordnance Department, U. S. A„ on U. S. Geological duty.]

pp 466 & 467 tables

p. 472 check scanned page or original hardcopy to see what those fractions in the footnote should be; then create the fractions. There are lots of them; some hard to see and doubling image size makes them blurry.