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All four Republicans joined Senator Morgan in the majority opinion of the Morgan Report, with only a minor dissent regarding the constitutionality of Cleveland's appointment of Blount and Blount's actions as a secret agent in Hawaii.

John Sherman

Senator John Sherman

In regards to the disarming of blacks in the South in 1871, Senator John Sherman (R., Ohio) stated that "[w]herever the Negro population preponderates, there they [the KKK] hold their sway, for a few determined men ... can carry terror among ignorant Negroes . . . without arms, equipment, or discipline." (CONG. GLOBE, 42nd Cong., 1st Sess. 154 (1871).)

Wm. P. Frye

Senator William Pierce Frye

J. N. Dolph

Senator Joseph Norton Dolph

Cushman K. Davis

Senator Cushman Kellogg Davis


All four Democrats besides Senator Morgan took part in the minority opinion of the Morgan Report, and asked for censure of Minister Stevens. Despite their disagreement with some of the findings of the majority report, they also held the U.S. peacekeepers blameless in their conduct during the overthrow.

M.C. Butler

Senator Matthew Calbraith Butler

Senator Matthew Calbraith Butler of South Carolina sponsored a proposal to provide federal aid to southern blacks who wanted to leave the United States. The bill called for a modest appropriation of five million dollars per year to launch the project. The Butler Emigration Bill was a half-baked and half-hearted attempt by southern Democrats to provide an alternative solution to the South's race problem. Some contemporaries contended (and most historians agree) that Butler's true intention behind the bill was only to antagonize the Republicans.

David Turpie

Senator David Turpie

John W. Daniel

Senator John Warwick Daniel

Daniels was known as the Lame Lion of Lynchburg since he was seriously wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness while serving as a Major in the Confedarate Army.

George Gray

Senator George Gray

John T. Morgan

Senator John Tyler Morgan