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"Governor Kuakini died.

"First appearance of Mormons at Honolulu, en route for California.

"1848. Leleiohoku (William Pitt) died.

"Moses Kaikoewa died.

"Kaiminaauao died.

"The twelfth company of missionaries arrived.

"The measles (mai puupuu ula) prevailed, and was very fatal.

"1849. The fort seized at Honolulu by Admiral Tromelin, of the French navy.

"Beef first exported from the islands—158 barrels.

"Keliiahonui died.

"1850. James Young Kanehoa died. Kaoanaeha died.

"1851. The Hawaiian Missionary Society was formed.

"Kekauonohi died.

"June, the court house at Honolulu built.

"First whale oil and bone transshipped.

"1852. April 2, Kaliokalani died.

"First export of fungus.

"1853. The smallpox (mai puupuu liilii) swept over the islands.

"1854. The fort at Lahaina demolished by order of the Government.

"December 15, Kamehameha III (Kauikeaouli) died, and Kamehameha IV became King.

"1855. Paki died.

"Mr. Hitchcock, of Molokai, died.

"Flour exported—463 barrels.

"1856. Juue 2, Kamehameha IV was united in marriage with Emma Rooke.

"Isaac Davis was married to Ruta Keelikolani.

"1857, the fort at Honolulu was demolished by order of the Government.

"Konia (widow of Paki) died.

"John Young (Keoni Ana), the premier, died.

"Victoria Kamamalu appointed Kuhina Nui.

"May 28, William L. Lee, chief justice of the supreme court, died, aged, 36.

"David Malo, native Hawaiian historian, died.

"Honeybees first introduced, by the R. H. Agricultural Society.

"Oahu prison built.

"1858, May 20, birth of the Prince of Hawaii.

"Rice first systematically cultivated near Honolulu.

"Sailors' Home established.

"1859, July, Rev. L. Smith's premises burnt.

"April 20, Jona Piikoi died, aged 50.

"April 26, laying of corner stone, Odd Fellows' Hall.

"January 7, dedication of Odd Fellows' Hall.

"February, eruption of volcano on Mauna Loa, running down to Wainanalii.

"The civil code published.

"Gaslight first introduced into Honolulu.

"September 9, William Pitt Kinau, son of Leleiohoku and R. Keelikolani, died at Kohala, Hawaii, aged 17.

"1860, May 5, arrival of Japanese embassy en route to the United States.

"New custom-house built, Honolulu.

"Queen's hospital built.

"Honolulu flour mill and foundry burned.


"Steamer Kilauea arrived.

"Prince L. Kamehameha (Kamehameha V) sailed for California.

"September 23, Rev. Dr. E. Armstrong, minister of public instruction, died.

"Passage of the 'law to mitigate,' etc.

"1862. April, Palmyra Island, in latitude 5° 50' N., longitude 161° 53' W., taken possession of by Capt. Z. Bent, for Kamehameha IV and his successors, and subsequently declared by royal proclamation to be a part of the Hawaiian domain.

"August 27, death of the Prince of Hawaii, aged 4 years, 3 mouths and 7 days.

"The funeral took place September 7.

"Lahainaluna Seminary burned and was rebuilt the same year.

"October 11, Reformed Catholic Church mission arrived.

"1863. November 30, His Majesty Kamehameha IV died, aged 29 years, 9 months, and 21 days, and Prince Kamehameha ascended the throne as Kamehameha V.

"1864. May 5, convention of delegates to amend the constitution called by the King.

"July 7, convention opened.

"August 13, convention dissolved and constitution abrogated.

"August 20, new constitution granted by the King.

"L. Haalelea died.

"1865. October 19, E. C. Wyllie, minister of foreign relations, died, aged 67.

"Queen Emma visited the United States and Europe.

"January 27, arrival of the steamer Ajax from California.

"1865. May 29, H.R.H. Princess V. Kamamalu died, aged 27 years 6 months and 29 days.

"July 20, J. Dudoit, formerly French consul, murdered.

"October 22, return of Queen Emma.

"1867. March 12, G. M. Robertson, first associate justice of the supreme court, died, aged 47.

"1868. November 4, His Highness Mataio Kekuanaoa, father of the late King and his present Majesty, died, aged 75 years.

"1869. July 21, arrival of H.R.H. Alfred Ernest, Duke of Edinburg, in command of H. B. M.'s ship Galatea.

"August 2, light-house at the entrance of Honolulu Harbor permanently lighted.

XVIII. Deed of cession.

"The deed of cession reads as follows:

" ' In consequence of the difficulties of complying with the demands in the manner in which they are made by Her Britannic Majesty's representative upon us, in reference to the claims of British subjects, we do hereby cede the group of islands known as the Hawaiian (or Sandwich) Islands unto the Right Honorable Lord George Paulet, captain of Her Britannic Majesty's ship of war Carysfort, representing Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, from this date and the time being; the said cession being made with the reservation that it is subject to any arrangement that may have been entered into by the representatives appointed by us to treat with the Government of Her Britannic Majesty; and in the event that no agreement has been