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This wiki is not open to the general public for editing, unlike Wikipedia. This is not because we don't want help (we do!), but because the small number of those interested in contributing would make it difficult to control spam and vandalism. If you are interested in joining us in this academic work, please email Jere Krischel to request an account on the wiki.

Even if you don't wish to work directly on this wiki, we very much welcome corrections. You can email the editor with any mistakes you find. However, please understand the difference between errors that should be corrected vs. errors that are true copies of errors in the original document and therefore should not be corrected.

The editor's job is to ensure that each individual page of the transcribed Morgan Report, on this website, is an accurate copy of the content that was printed in the original hardcopy book in 1894. There were some typographical errors and misspellings in that original book. In the interest of historical accuracy, those errors should not be corrected.

Each double page (for example 435-436) has a photograph as scanned from the original hardcopy book.

That scanned photo can be seen by going to the list

of individual pages and clicking on the page number. Any incorrect spellings etc. contained in that scanned photo are errors found in the original hardcopy book, and for historical accuracy those errors will NOT be corrected.

However, there are undoubtedly discrepancies between the scanned photo and the text content found in the transcribed Morgan report.

The optical character reader is a machine that is programmed to convert photographed text into digitized text capable of being copied and searched. The optical character reader is only about 95% accurate. Therefore editors had to read each individual page of transcribed text looking for errors; and when in doubt, compare against the scanned photo. That was a very time-consuming and tedious job. Mistakes were made by tired editors who failed to notice errors or discrepancies, or who might have "corrected" an original misspelling that should not have been corrected. The editors will be very happy to correct those mistakes; and those are the only mistakes the editors will correct.

Please check the scanned photo before sending a correction.