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Suggestions on how to use this website most effectively

  1. Be sure to read the Historical Background and Importance of the Morgan Report at least one time;
  2. Get familiar with the Outline of Topics, which is an annotated table of contents created by the editors. At the left margin you will see page numbers -- if you click on the page numbers you will get the entire contents of all those pages, and perhaps also an extra page at the beginning and/or end of that page-range. After the title of what's on those pages you will find a short description or some highlights. Note: When a section of the Morgan Report is lengthy, or especially important, you will also find a long summary offered at the end of the highlights;
  3. Read Morgan's Gems at least one time. These are treasures buried deep inside the Morgan Report -- treasures which might be overlooked by most readers but would be very interesting to a small audience of historians or political activists;
  4. If you only have a dial-up connection, and want to avoid spending time on the internet, you can use the Outline of Topics to download whatever section you wish. If you want to download the entire 808 pages to read at the beach or on the airplane, click here: Transcribed Morgan Report. But if you download the entire 808 pages, you should probably also download the Outline of Topics along with it;
  5. If you want to search for all the places in the Morgan Report where a particular word or phrase occurs, use the "search" window. The search covers only the actual Morgan Report plus other materials found on this website including the outline of topics, summaries, gems, etc. If the search produces something you have difficulty grabbing, make a note of the page number and look for your content on the Individual pages. The Morgan Report iteslf also includes an Index at the end (produced by staffers on the Senate committee in 1894);
  6. If you want to see any particular page the way it looks in the actual book, click here: Individual pages (Choose any pair of individual pages to see a photo of the book open to those pages; click on the photo to enlarge it; click again for easy readability). Once you are looking at the text or photo of any particular pair of pages, you can then go forward or backward in the book by clicking "next" or "previous";
  7. If you notice words that are spelled incorrectly or place-names that don't make sense, please let the editors know about it. However, some "errors" are correct copies of spelling errors in the original book and therefore the editors are preserving them for historical accuracy. So before notifying the editors about errors, please read What if I find a mistake?;
  8. If you want to give a citation or footnote in a scholarly essay or school term paper, see Referencing the Morgan Report. There might be different page-numbering systems in different historical copies of the report; so you should mention that the page numbers you cite are from this website.

How to look at individual pages and compare the transcription to the original

Go to the Individual Pages section of the Main Page, and choose the page you're interested in.

Each page will contain links at the top to the previous page, and the next page. A thumbnail of the original scanned pages will also appear, and will get larger if you click on it.

Each page is actually two pages from the book.

How to look at the entire report at once (almost)

Go to the Transcribed Morgan Report section on our Main Page. The report may be downloaded in two parts.