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Reports of Committee on Foreign Relations 1789-1901 Volume 6 pp1170-1171 300dpi scan (VERY LARGE!)

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[Note from website editors: Readers of the Morgan Report might be surprised to see page numbers lower than 360 mentioned in the index. Remember that the Morgan Report occupies the last portion of a longer book. That book's first 360 pages are not part of the Morgan Report and are not accessible on this website.]


  • Acquisition of territory: 11,15,16,33,78,199,218
  • Aggressions,British. (See Great Britain.)
  • Aggressions,French. (See France.)
  • Aid to United States steamer by authorities of Jamaica. (See Susquehanna.)
  • Amelia Island. (See Slaves.)
  • American nations, to promote progress and prosperity of: 278
  • American nations, Peace Society. (See Arbitration.)
  • American nations, seamen. (See Seamen.)
  • Annexation. (See Acquisition.)
  • Arbitration, international: 105,107,221
  • Armed vessels, for the exclusion of foreign: 8
  • Arrest of William Walker in Nicaragua. (See Walker.)
  • Assistant Secretary of State, to create office of. (See State.)


  • Belgium, minister to. (See Minister.)
  • Berlin, decree of. (See Decrees.)


  • Canada, justifying the invasion of: 15
  • China, relations with: 276
  • Claims against France. (See France.)
  • Colonization. (See Acquisition.)
  • Congo Free State, recognition of. (See Recognition.)
  • Consular system, to remodel the. (See Diplomatic.)
  • Consulate at Mogadore, for the establishment of a: 28
  • Cooper, Edward K., to allow occupation of guano islands by. (See Guano.)
  • Council, orders in. (See Orders.)
  • Cuba, for the acquisition of: 199
  • Cuba, relations to: 32,119,120,276


  • Decrees of Berlin and Milan: 12
  • Detention of American seamen. (See Seamen.)
  • Difficulties with Paraguay. (See Paraguay.)
  • Diplomatic and consular system, to remodel the: 120
  • Documents. (See Printing.)


  • Exclusion of Chinese, for the: 276
  • Exclusion of Chinese, foreign armed vessels. (See Armed.)


  • Florida, to enable the President to take possession of: 11,16
  • Foreign armed vessels, for the exclusion of. (See Armed.)

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