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Reports of Committee on Foreign Relations 1789-1901 Volume 6 pp518-519 300dpi scan (VERY LARGE!)

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"1801. The fleet of canoes called Peleleu arrived at Kawaihae.

"1802. The Peleleu arrived at Labaina.

"1803. The Peleleu arrived at Oahu.

"1804. The great pestilence called a ahulau okuu.

"1812. The stone wall of Kiholo was built.

"1814. March, Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III) was born.

"1817. The fort at Honolulu finished.

"1819. May 8, Kamehameha I died.

"October, Liholiho breaks kapu on the night of kukahi.

"1820. January, a battle on account of breaking kapu, at Kuamoo on Hawaii.

"March 30, first missionaries arrived at Kailua.

"April 18, missionaries first arrived at Honolulu.

"July, Messrs. Whitney and Ruggles sailed for Kauai."

"First whaler (Mary, Capt. Allen) enters Honolulu Harbor.

"1821. First house of Christian worship built in Honolulu.

"1822. January 7, printing first commenced at the islands. It is said that King Liholiho was allowed to pull the first sheet.

"1823. April 27, the second company of missionaries arrived.

"November 27, Liholiho, his Queen, and attendants sailed for England, leaving the Kingdom in the care of Kaahumanu.

"1824, July 8, Kamamalu, wife of Libolibo, died in London.

"July 13, Libolibo died in London.

"August, Kapiolani descended into the volcano of Kilauea.

"1825, May 4, Boki and his companions return from England with the remains of the King and Queen in the English frigate Blonde.

"1827, October, Kinau and Kekuanaoa were married.

"1828, March 30, the third company of missionaries arrived.

"July 3, first meetinghouse at Honolulu dedicated.

"December 2, Boki and his company sailed away from the islands and were lost.

"1830, December 11, His Majesty Kamehameha V was born.

"1831, June 7, the fourth company of missionaries arrived.

"September, the high school at Lahaina was commenced.

"1832, May 17, the fifth company of missionaries arrived.

"June 5, Kaahumanu died.

"June, Kinau was appointed premier (kuhina nui).

"The Oahu Charity School was commenced.

"1833, March, Kamehameha III assumes the reins of government, and Kinau becomes his minister (Kuhina Nui).

"May 1, the sixth company of missionaries arrived.

"The Bethel Church built'at Honolulu.

"1834, February 9, Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiha) was born.

"February 14, first newspaper printed at the Hawaiian Islands, called the Lama Hawaii, at Lahainaluna.

"The newspaper Kumu Hawaii commenced at Honolulu.

"1835, June 6, the seventh company of missionaries arrived.

"First Hawaiian Almanac printed.

"1836, January 2, the queen dowager, Emma, was born.

"The female seminary at Wailuku, Maui, commenced.

"The first weekly newspaper in English commenced.

"The high school of Mr. Lyman commenced at Hilo.

"December, Nahienaena died.

"1837, February 4, Kamehameha III and Kalama were married.

"April 9, the eighth company of missionaries arrived.


"The business of laying out public streets in Honolulu was commenced.

"November 7, remarkable rise and overflow of tide throughout the islands.

"1838, August, the chiefs commence the study of political economy with Mr. Richards.

"November 1, Victoria Kamamalu was born.

"April 4, Kinau died.

"1839. April 5, Kekauluohi became premier (Kuhina Nui.)

"May 10, the printing of the first edition of the Hawaiian bible finished.

"July 9, the French man-of-war L'Artemise (Capt. Laplace) arrived.

"Kaikioewa died.

"1840. The school for the young chiefs commenced at Honolulu— Mr. and Mrs. Cook teachers.

"January, Hoapili, governor of Naui, died.

"The stone meeting-house at Kawaiahao, Honolulu, commenced.

"August 3, Mr. Bingham and family returned to the United States.

"October 8, Kamehameha III gives the first written constitution to the people of the Hawaiian Islands.

"October 20, Kamanawa and his servant were publicly executed for crime.

"September. The United States exploring expedition arrived.

"1841, May. Kapiolani died.

"May 21. The ninth company of missionaries arrived.

"The school for missionaries' children at Punahou (now Oahu College) commenced.

"1842. January, Hoapili Wahine (Kalakaua) died.

"July 8, Haalilio sailed as commissioner to the courts of France, England, and the United States.

"July 21, the meetinghouse at Kawaihal finished.

"September 21, the tenth company of missionaries arrived.

"1843. The United States consent to the independence of the Hawaiian Islands.

"February 25, Lord George Paulet seized the Hawaiian Islands and raised the English flag.

"July 31, the sovereignty of the islands was restored by Admiral Thomas, of the English navy.

"September, Baitimeus Puaaiki died.

"1844. The Government of Belgium consents to the independence of the Hawaiian Islands.

"November 28, the governments of England and France recognize the independence of the Hawaiian Islands.

"July 15, the eleventh company of missionaries arrived.

"Silk exported from the islands—197 pounds.

"Haalilio died on his return voyage to the islands.

"1845. April 2, representatives first chosen from the common people under the constitution of October, 1840.

"Mr. Richards, the interpreter of Haalilio, returned with his remains.

"Kekauluohi died.

"First export of coffee—248 pounds.

"John Young (Keoni Ana) is appointed premier (kuhina nui).

"1846. February 11, commissioners appointed to settle land claims.

"March 20, Mr. Whitney died at Lahainaluna.

"1847. Mr. Richards died.

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