Summary of James F. Morgan Affidavit

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Age 32, born New York city, came to Hawaii at age 2; educated and lived here since; in business as auctioneer and commission merchant. Founding member of the advisory council of the Provisional Government. January 17, 1893: Sometime between half past 2 and 3, we went to the Government building, not armed ... only a few people present ... Mr. Cooper read the proclamation ... in a few minutes there was at least a hundred, all armed and prepared. Mr. C. McCarthy was there and said he was waiting for 100 armed men, who were to come and defend that building; he said if they had been on hand we would have been opposed and all shot down. We afterwards secured several thousand cartridges which had been stored in the building, in a preparation for the defense against us. ... Shortly after the ministers came up from the station house I went off for a lot of arms and ammunition ... there were rumors of uprisings, and a great many thought that if the United States flag was raised it would at any rate prevent bloodshed. ... While the Queen was attempting her revolutionary act on the 14th I met Marshal Wilson near the station house. He was dressed in his uniform. Said he was very much opposed to what she was doing. That if she did not desist he would go and shut her up in a room by herself. He also added that she was wild and angry, and would not listen to him ... One of the deputies standing near me said, very significantly, "Wilson is fooling you; he does not mean anything of that kind."