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Reports of Committee on Foreign Relations 1789-1901 Volume 6 pp922-923 300dpi scan (VERY LARGE!)

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the declaration of the Provisional Government, that there was any white organization being attempted against the Provisional Government?

Mr. Stevens. My information was to the effect that the same men who put the lottery bill through, what they called the lottery and opium men, had been acting together for a good while.

The Chairman. Did you hear of any attempt at organization amongst these, people, or any other white people, to overthrow or dislodge the Provisional Government, or impair it?

Mr. Stevens. Those rumors of attempt to overthrow the Provisional Government? They were constantly getting information of attempts to do it.

The Chairman. Attempts to do what, to form an organization?

Mr. Stevens. To catch them unawares—to surprise the Provisional Government.

The Chairman. Did you understand from any information that you had—of course anything like a reliable character—that there existed an organization?

Mr. Stevens. I should say that my information is that there are two or three organizations, mainly political. They have one organization called the Native Hawaiians; they have another, with a native name.

The Chairman. Are they natives?

Mr. Stevens. They are natives. They have political organizations among themselves.

The Chairman. State any other.

Mr. Stevens. They had at one time what they called the "Liberty League"; but I think that is disbanded. Those cliques have run together; but the same men can extemporize an organization within a week; because they drift together as naturally as similar men in our cities.

The Chairman. I will try to get back to the question whether you know or had any information of the existence of an organization amongst the white people in Hawaii against the Provisional Government?

Mr. Stevens. Yes.

The Chairman. What was it?

Mr. Stevens. I have forgotten the name of it; I think it is "Liberty League." But they had so many names that I can not remember; but I think it was "Liberty League."

The Chairman. Who was the leader of that organization, if it had any?

Mr. Stevens. It was understood that Mr. Colburn and Mr. Peterson were in it.

The Chairman. I am speaking of the time that this Provisional Government was established.

Mr. Stevens. I have no doubt that those things have varied so that there would be one clique in the League and then another clique.

The Chairman. I am speaking of the time of the organization of the Provisional Government, not any anterior time.

Mr. Stevens. Those since the Provisional Government was established would be the same as they had before.

The Chairman. Is there such an organization?

Mr. Stevens. There are several organizations of years' standing.

The Chairman. Is there now in existence, or was there at any time while you were in Hawaii, any political organization of white men for the purpose of antagonizing and breaking down that Provisional Government. Can you answer that?


Mr. Stevens. I can give my opinion.

The Chairman. I do not want your naked opinion. I want your information.

Mr. Stevens. My information is that the men who controlled the Queen's Government mainly, and ever since she was in, have acted together so often that that is virtually an organization.

The Chairman. Do you understand that there is such an organization existing in Hawaii to-day?

Mr. Stevens. I have no doubt that it exists to-day.

The Chairman. Do you know anything about it?

Mr. Stevens. I have no doubt it does.

The Chairman. Have you any information about it?

Mr. Stevens. No; I see in Mr. Blount's report—--

The Chairman. I am not speaking of Mr. Blount's report.

Mr. Stevens. I knew it was when I left.

The Chairman. I want to get at the proposition whether or not there is any hostile opposition to the Provisional Government existing amongst the white people of Hawaii at this time, or was when you left there.

Mr. Stevens. I have no doubt there is. I have no doubt the men who acted before are acting now.

The Chairman. I want your information, if you have any information about it.

Mr. Stevens. I have no information that an organization exists sincel left there, because that was six or eight months ago.

The Chairman. When you were there did it exist?

Mr. Stevens. It existed.

The Chairman. Who were the leaders of it?

Mr. Stevens. The reason I referred to Mr. Blount's report is this: You will find the committee, of which Mr. Cummings was one—I have understood that he was; he was one of the leading members. That was one organization. Then another organization is the one that Nawahi was at the head of. When I was there he was one of the leaders of a political organization under Kalakaua, and it is possibly in existence to-day, for it has been in existence for years.

The Chairman. I am trying to ask you of organizations formed for the purpose of opposing the Provisional Government.

Mr. Stevens. I can not say that there is any such organization; I can only reason from cause to effect—that those organizations would be hostile to the Provisional Government.

The Chairman. You are not aware of the existence of any such organization now?

Mr. Stevens. No. In Mr. Blount's report I see he mentioned Mr. Bush and Mr. Nawahi. But I can not swear to it.

The Chairman. Now, what I want to get at is, whether among the white people resident in Hawaii, who are not American citizens or persons of American origin, there exists any opposition of an organized character, whether political or military, against the Provisional Government.

Mr. Stevens. What exists to-day? I cannot testify to that.

The Chairman. Was there in your knowledge at the time you left there?

Mr. Stevens. Only as it appeared in the papers.

The Chairman. Did it appear?

Mr. Stevens. Yes. You will see it in Mr. Blount's report, and that

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